Is fenofibrate the missing piece in COVID-19 management?

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This letter to the editor examines the effectiveness of fenofibrate for treating COVID-19.

COVID-19 does not have a specific treatment. The majority of current therapies are aimed at blocking infection and/or viral replication.

Fenofibrate has multiple properties, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities and it reduces the formation of new blood vessels which occurs during inflammation.

Fenofibrate is effective at lowering fibrinogen levels, a protein involved in blood clotting; abnormal levels of blood clotting are observed in severe COVID-19 patients.

As an anti-inflammatory, fenofibrate may also be a very useful medication for treating severe COVID-19 patients who are experiencing a “cytokine storm”. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory effects which are superior to statin drugs in elderly adults.

Fenofibrate also helps to reverse the adverse effects of COVID-19 on human body organs.

The author recommends that clinical trials which include elderly persons who have moderate to severe COVID-19 and no end-organ damage test fenofibrate as a drug to add to chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine treatment.

Alexandria Journal of Medicine

Publication Date: August 5, 2020
Peer Reviewed: No
Publication Type: Review/Commentary/Letter | Theoretical

Is fenofibrate the missing piece in COVID-19 management?

Ehab Mudher Mikhael