A retrospective study of COVID-19 patients treated with famotidine and celecoxib with or without dexamethasone.

Key Messages

This retrospective study compared treating COVID-19 patients using a combination of famotidine and celecoxib, with or without added dexamethasone.

The "famcox" treatment consisted of giving patients a high dose of famotidine (80mg orally, four times a day) and celecoxib (an initial oral dose of 400mg, followed by 200mg two times a day) within 24 hours of admission due to COVID-19.

Among the patients receiving “famcox” without dexamethasone, there were no deaths during hospitalization (0/18 = 0% mortality), and all the patients were successfully discharged;.

Among patients treated with “famcox” and added dexamethasone, there were a total of six deaths.

The benefits of “famcox“ without dexamethasone included reduced coagulopathy (excessive bleeding or excessive blood clotting), improved kidney function and improved liver function.

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Publication Date: May 17, 2021
Peer Reviewed: No
Publication Type: Original | Clinical Retrospective
DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-526394/v1

Famotidine and Celecoxib COVID-19 Treatment Without and With Dexamethasone; Retrospective Comparison of Sequential Continuous Cohorts

Robert W Malone, Kevin M Tomera, Leo Egbujiobi, Joseph K Kittah


We seek to rapidly identify, test and develop combinations of repurposed drugs to enable cost-effective treatments that reduce the risk of disease or death from SARS-CoV-2 infection. We hypothesize that the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 reflects overactive host inflammatory responses to infection and is not principally due to the primary direct cellular, organ and tissue damage attributable to viral infection. Stepwise clinical development has identified the combination of High Dose (HD) famotidine and celecoxib (famcox) as a promising adjuvant anti-inflammatory protocol. We now report results from a retrospective observational comparative cohort study designed to provide an estimate of the potential benefits, risks, prognosis and diagnostic laboratory findings associated with administration of dexamethasone in addition to famcox for treatment of newly hospitalized COVID-19 disease in a community hospital setting. Study enrollment was restricted to patients at WHO 4–5. In the group receiving adjuvant treatment with famcox without dexamethasone (active control) there were no deaths during hospitalization (0/18 = 0% mortality). A total of six deaths occurred in the group receiving famcox + dexamethasone (6/21 = 29% mortality). There was a significant difference in mortality between the two groups, Χ2 (1, N = 43) = 7.305, p