Latest News About COVID-19 Off-Label Treatments

California’s Medical ‘Misinformation’ Crusade Could Cost Lives says Wall Street Journal

Throughout history, many advances in medical care have been discovered as a result of physician’s rights to employ clinical experience, personal knowledge, and scientific evidence in their practice. A new proposed legislation in California stands to restrict this right.

Why Cheap, Older Drugs That Might Treat COVID Never Get Out of the Lab

Lack of profit delays the approval process of older, cheaper, and possibly safer and more effective drugs for COVID-19 and Long-COVID.

Six Ways Anti-Depressant Fluvoxamine May Act to Prevent Severe Covid-19

Six anti-COVID-19 properties of the anti-depressant drug fluvoxamine are explained. In essence, fluvoxamine reduces the cytokine storm, decreases blood coagulation, inhibits hyper-inflammation, and exerts anti-viral properties.

University of Virginia Medical Center Joins National Study Analyzing COVID-19 Treatments

UVA Health joins the ACTIV-6 study, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, in pursuit for better therapeutic options for their mild COVID-19 patients. The ACTIV-6 study is investigating the efficacy of fluvoxamine and ivermectin for COVID-19.

Repurposing generic drugs can reduce time and cost to develop new treatments

Discovering new or additional benefits for the abundance of existing drugs can potentially be lifesaving. However, repurposing of existing drugs faces several challenges.

These 3 Treatments Are Giving More Options for Those With COVID-19

Additional treatment options for COVID-19 – monoclonal antibody therapy, fluvoxamine, and convalescent plasma – are providing better accessibility to treatment globally.

Fluvoxamine Effective as a COVID-19 Treatment

Researchers in Canada conclude, based on results from 3 clinical trials, that fluvoxamine (a well-known antidepressant) used, at-home, to treat early COVID-19 is associated with reduced risk of hospitalization.

‘Patients Are Frustrated’: Long COVID Poses Bumpy Road to Recovery

Experts at Staten Island University Hospital speak about the prevalence and presentation of long-COVID. Researchers are interested in testing whether the positive impact of the anti-ulcer drug famotidine on COVID-19 recovery rate leads to a reduced risk for long COVID.

New US clinical trial shows benefits of Pepcid for treating mild to moderate COVID-19

Clinical trial results, published in the British Medical Journal Gut, demonstrate that the anti-ulcer drug famotidine (also known as Pepcid), leads to faster COVID-19 symptom recovery in patients diagnosed with mild to moderate COVID-19.