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Moshe Rogosnitzky

Moshe Rogosnitzky is an internationally recognized expert in drug repurposing. Moshe’s new drug-use discoveries have led to the repurposing of drugs for treating Crohn’s disease, cancers of the breast, prostate, skin, liver, pancreas, thymus; pain conditions, insomnia, viral infections, wound bleeding, xerostomia, pterygium, pinguecula, melanocytic nevus, corneal neovascularization, dry eye disease, and COVID-19. Moshe has lectured about drug repurposing at MIT (Cambridge, MA), Charite Medical University (Berlin), the Israeli Ministry of Health, and Tel Aviv University. He has published over 30 papers in the medical literature on a broad range of topics. He most recently contributed a book chapter named “Field Discoveries (Case Reports)” to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s seminal book on Drug Repurposing. Moshe is co-founder of the MedInsight Research Institute – a nonprofit organization focused on expanding treatment options for patients through education about off-label uses of safe generic drugs., a MedInsight project, serves as an information and educational portal for low dose naltrexone (LDN), a project that has evolved to become the largest patient-driven drug repurposing project in history. COVID Off-Label is a MedInsight educational initiative.

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